History of Ancient Philosophy

Notes for understanding what the philosophers were thinking

A History of Ancient Philosophy
This is a set of notes about how Ancient philosophy came into existence and developed in the Greek and Roman world in the period from 585 BCE to about 100 BCE.

An Investigation into the Origin of the Notion of Free Will
This is a set of notes about Michael Frede's argument (in his posthumously published Sather Lectures) that no one had notions of the will or free will before the late Stoics.

Hellenistic Epistemology
This is a set of notes about the Academic response to Stoic epistemology.

These notes are not perfect, but I make them available because I wished there was a repository of such links when I searched the internet for explanations of Ancient philosophy.

Here are ones I know:

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, Peter Adamson

Philosphy 320. History of Ancient Philosophy, S. Marc Cohen

24.200 Ancient Philosophy, Sally Haslanger

Ancient Philosophy: Plato & His Predecessors, Susan Sauvé Meyer

Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle and His Successors, Susan Sauvé Meyer